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Token Informations

Token Name : Easy Trading Token
Token Symbol : ETT
Decimals : 18
Contract Address : 0x0FE086d9c14C47Cdbced9F0c6648B706fE3b2527

There are 3 buying options

QR Code
Sending Ethereum To The Contract Address

Exchange Rate

1 Ethereum = 40.000 Easy Trading Token
1 Easy Trading Token = 0.000025 Ethereum
Minimum Buy Amount is 0.01 Ethereum

Buy Tokens With Metamask

Gas Limit: 150000


Make sure that you send Ether from a wallet that supports ERC20 tokens or from an address for which you control the private key: Otherwise you will not be able to interact with the Easy Trading Token tokens received. Do not send ETH directly from an exchange to the ICO address.

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Buy Tokens By Sending Eth to Contract Address

To Buy Tokens Manuely Please Send Ethereum To Contract Address Below

  • 0x0FE086d9c14C47Cdbced9F0c6648B706fE3b2527
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